about this.

My blog is named “nicholas”. The reality about this blog is that it will be a part of a resume someday if done efficiently. My job is to try to forget that piece of information and instead put some of my skills to good use.

My design skills will help me improve the look of my website constantly. Since I want to pursue a career in video and audio production, links to videos I make on YouTube will be attached to “nicholas.” as well as my writing.

My writing skills will be at the forefront of this website since most of what will be posted and linked to will be my writing. From personal essays to reviews to political commentary, I plan on writing on a variety of topics.

However, what will come through in all aspects of “nicholas.” is my voice and my values, and use this to show not only what I do, but what I am. I will write and create to show my capabilities as a writer and digital media producer. Mostly, however, I will write and create to share my views in hopes to move people on an emotional level.

“Not much more than what you see before you” is the tagline. It does not mean I am simple because I’m not. No one is. The line, to me, illustrates complete vulnerability. What you will read, hear, or see on this page, comes from a genuine place and sometimes a personal place. Hopefully, you can relate, but also, I hope you enjoy.