Full disclosure: this is a website designed for my j105 class.


I’m a student-athlete, first and foremost, so everything put in this blog will be to satisfy criteria. I’ll do my best to put my own voice within the confines of the rules, but ultimately I must abide by them. I have to get that “A”, man.

Don’t get me wrong, I want this to be and look professional and enjoyable to read. I really like the idea of having a blog. I really like the idea of everybody having a blog. The only way we can improve ourselves and the communities around us is if we share ideas with each other. I know, especially in these days, where a single opposing opinion can escalate to violent outbursts, harassment, and hateful comments, it’s hard to put yourself out there. We get over that fear together, however, and we can learn and grow from each other.

I’m not sure what to put here. I am not sure what I’m looking to grow upon. I really like the idea of having a blog but I’m never sure what to post. Maybe basketball, music, experiences, observations, politics, I don’t know. This post will probably be deleted at a later date. I just want to remind myself that at the beginning, I wasn’t sure, and hopefully, this grew into something with purpose. Just as all things do.


I really like the idea of having a blog.


Here is what this is. Here is who I am. Enjoy.